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Crave snacks hero design

Before/after design preview for healthy gummies

Crave Snacks, born from a desire for healthier snacking options, offers a revolutionary approach to treats. With a focus on mindful snacking, Crave Snacks addresses the need for a nutritious yet tasty gummy. Their mission is to transform high-sugar snacking habits by providing a protein-rich, low-sugar alternative, making healthy snacking not just feasible but enjoyable. They aim to inspire healthier snacking experiences across America, tackling the issue of excessive sugar consumption with their delicious, low-sugar options.

Crave Snacks is not just about offering better candy; it’s about enriching lives with better nutrition, one protein-packed gummy at a time.

Crave snaks before after mockup

Crave snacks

Before/after design preview

Food, ecommerce

Crave snacks comparison table design

Better readability

Comparison design where the new version significantly enhances readability, making information access easier and more efficient.

Crave snacks benefits design

More tasty graphics

See redesigned feature icons, more visually appealing and persuasive, crafted to enhance appeal and drive sales effectively.

Crave snacks buy box design

Neat & clean buy box

Redesigned buy box, expertly crafted for an improved user experience, making purchasing smoother and more intuitive.

Crave snacks reviews design

Better reviews

Revamped customer review slider, redesigned for enhanced readability and engagement, making feedback more accessible and compelling.

Landingpage redesign

Showcased here is a landing page redesign, skillfully enhanced for greater impact, user engagement, and conversion effectiveness.

CraveSnacks landingpage design