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Branding for AI-powered accessibility company

CX Score is revolutionizing the way companies approach digital customer experiences (CX) through their innovative AI-powered platform. At the heart of their service are AI-generated Synthetic Users that mimic human interactions with web and mobile apps, providing comprehensive testing and evaluation of CX quality.

They offer detailed recommendations for improvements, and seamless integration with DevOps and CICD tooling. This enables a continuous, efficient, and reliable process for delivering exceptional CX at scale. Founded by experts with shared passions in Enterprise Apps, CX, AI, and DevOps, CX Score is dedicated to providing a unified and integrated approach to CXOps, catering specifically to modern product teams.

CX Score Inc.


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AI / Tech

Primary color #1446F9

Vibrant and bold shade of blue that captures the essence of both the sky at its zenith and the depths of the ocean. This striking hue exudes confidence and energy, making it ideal for designs that aim to stand out and make a statement. Its vividness inspires a sense of trust and reliability, while also sparking creativity. Perfect for brands looking to convey strength, innovation, and trustworthiness, this color adds a dynamic and engaging element to any visual composition.

CXScore logo guidelines

CXScore website

Showcased here is the CXScore website design, where elegant aesthetics meet functional superiority, enhancing both conversions and sales.

CXScore website
CXScore website