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Immi eats

Unbounce landingpages design, dev and maintenance

Immi, a prominent player in the instant ramen industry, showcases its commitment to providing delicious and convenient meal solutions. With a focus on quality ingredients and authentic flavors, Immi has earned a reputation for excellence in the world of instant ramen.

As part of the overall contribution to Immi, the responsibility of building and maintaining landing pages on platforms such as Unbounce and Replo has been undertaken. This strategic effort ensures that Immi’s online presence remains in alignment with their brand image, effectively engaging customers.




Food, ecommerce

ImmiEats Replo design

Replo design

Developing captivating landing pages on the Replo platform, that enhance digital marketing campaigns and user engagement.

Building tasty landing page

Sales campaigns landing pages development, showcasing expertise in crafting engaging and conversion-focused web experiences.

ImmiEats listicle landingpage
ImmiEats VS landingpage