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Identity design: flowing like a river

River Capital, operating in the investments and real estate sector, offers innovative solutions and strategies to its clients. Their focus is on maximizing investment returns while maintaining strong ethical standards. With a keen understanding of market dynamics, River Capital specializes in identifying lucrative opportunities in both traditional and emerging real estate markets. Their approach combines in-depth research with practical experience, ensuring a comprehensive service for investors and partners.

For River Capital, comprehensive identity design and branding services have been provided, encapsulating the company’s values and market position, and enhancing its corporate identity in a competitive industry.

River Capital

Identity design
Brand guidelines

Retail, ecommerce

Primary color #183544

The color is a deep, sophisticated shade of navy blue, evoking a sense of professionalism and reliability. It’s a versatile hue, capable of adding depth and elegance to a design. This color works well in corporate settings, suggesting trustworthiness and stability, but also has enough richness to be used in more creative, artistic contexts. When paired with lighter tones, it creates a striking contrast, while it harmonizes seamlessly with other dark shades for a more subtle, refined palette.

RiverCapital logo rules