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Design services for the Crypto world

Unreal Capital is a community-driven fund with extensive market knowledge and expertise in collaborating with projects and private investors. The fund boasts a portfolio of several dozen successful investments in crypto startups, reflecting its proficiency in identifying and nurturing promising ventures in the dynamic cryptocurrency sector. Its community comprises individuals from various countries, making English the primary language for communication. The emphasis is on maintaining a respectful environment, where rude language and insults are not tolerated. The core objective of Unreal Capital is to collaboratively identify and invest in promising projects, leveraging the collective insight and experience of its diverse members.

For Unreal Capital, services provided include an update and refresh of the brand design, website design, and the creation of various collaterals, enhancing their visual identity and online presence in alignment with their community-focused and globally inclusive ethos.

Unreal VC

Logo overhaul
Brand guidelines
Website design
Collaterals design


Primary color #B7A875

The color #B7A875 is a warm and earthy shade of tan, reminiscent of sun-baked sand or golden wheat fields. It exudes a sense of comfort and natural simplicity, making it an ideal choice for designs seeking a down-to-earth and timeless appeal. This versatile color can convey a rustic charm or a contemporary elegance, depending on its usage. It pairs harmoniously with various earthy tones, creating a soothing and cohesive palette. Whether used as a dominant color or an accent, #B7A875 adds a touch of warmth and authenticity to any design.

Homepage redesign

Landing page designs focused on maximizing conversions and lead generation, combining engaging visuals with an intuitive layout to effectively capture and retain user interest.

Unreal landingpage