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Design help for aerial fitness brand​

Uplift Active, specializing in the aerial yoga industry, offers a range of innovative products and solutions to enhance the aerial yoga experience. With a commitment to quality and safety, Uplift Active caters to the needs of aerial yoga enthusiasts worldwide. Their focus is on providing reliable and effective equipment, making aerial yoga accessible to practitioners of all levels.

For Uplift Active, services provided encompass product details page redesign, Amazon design, including B+ creatives, A+, and storefront design. These initiatives have contributed to the brand’s online presence and user experience, aligning with their mission to promote and facilitate the practice of aerial yoga.

Uplift Active

Amazon design
PDP design
Cart slider UX

Retail, ecommerce

Product page redesign

Bespoke online store product detail page design, enhancing user experience and driving e-commerce success.

UpliftActive Areal Rig PDP Design
Uplift Active cart slider design

Cart slider design & UX

Featuring a cart slider design, blending seamless functionality with a visually appealing interface for an enhanced shopping experience.

Uplift Active Amazon B+ design
Uplift Active Amazon B+ design
Uplift Active Amazon B+ design
Uplift Active Amazon B+ design
Uplift Active Amazon B+ design

Amazon creatives

Skillfully crafted to enhance product visibility and appeal, driving customer engagement and sales.

Amazon storefront

Amazon storefront designs are displayed, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal in an engaging e-commerce environment.

Amazon A+ Conten Design